Rear Garden Design

The rear garden had a gravel terrace with flower border near the house, and a long, rough lawn. The owners wanted an area of lawn with low maintenance planting.

The design uses small trees to provide more enclosure for the terrace and increase the apparent width of the garden. The lawn is a soft pool of green, which then narrows, and meanders softly down the garden to a sheltered seating area around longer grass which is planted with naturalizing bulbs.

The planting is in the style of cottage gardens, including Crab apple trees, Mock Orange, Lilac and lots of roses.

‚ÄčA Cottage Garden in Wiltshire


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Front Garden Design

The front garden had a large drive with several sheds and a garage. The only greenery was a raised area of rough grass. The area is sunny and the soil is free-draining. 

Front gardens must be welcoming and look good throughout the year. This design has a simple gravel path through the main planted area, which allows access to the out-buildings and gives a gentle shape to the planting area. An extra area of planting has been created along the hedge to improve the shape of the drive and soften the approach to the house. A low shed and shrub conceals the bin area.

The design uses low maintenance plants. Mediterranean and Cottage garden plants are combined to make a carpet of colour. This planting style is in keeping with the thatched cottage and will grow well in this sunny site.