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Garden design services


Initial consultation

Whatever project you are considering for your garden, the first step is for me to meet you and see your garden. We will complete a client questionnaire so that I fully understand your requirements. For small design projects, I can carry out a site analysis and take measurements of the garden on the same day. Understanding the growing conditions within a garden is crucial to a successfully designed garden. 

Garden Re-fresh

This is my most often requested garden service. For a garden which has become a little neglected or dull, a re-fresh is the perfect solution. Over several visits, we will prune and clear tired plants and improve the soil to provide the best growing conditions. Using my design skills, I will then bring new life to your garden with fresh plantings to suit your taste.

For a typical family garden a garden re-fresh costs around £500.

Garden consultation

If you are happy with the current design of your garden, but are not sure how to make it look its best, then my garden consultation service will provide the advice you need. I can provide maintenance and development plans for you or your gardener. These will allow your garden to develop to its full potential. ​

The basic charge for this service if £100, but will depend on the exact requirements.

Border Design service

Successful border design requires a good knowledge of horticulture to ensure that the plants chosen are suited to the conditions. This is combined with the careful use of colour and texture of flowers and foliage to create an attractive composition throughout the year. To make it your beautiful garden, I will develop a style for your garden which complements your house, the surrounding area and your tastes. 

You are welcome to use the planting plan to develop your border over time. For a more immediate effect, why not combine this service with a Garden Refresh?

Concept Design

Gardens are often put together piecemeal over several years with no clear, overall design. Harmony and balance are often lost in the process. I can provide a concept design which will help you create a harmonious design in the style you desire. 

For a concept design, the questionnaire will be used to produce a client brief which describes your requirements. We will agree on the features to be included, such as terraces, ponds, summerhouses and play areas. These will then be incorporated into the design of the garden. The detail of the design will show the main structural trees and shrubs, and  the types of planting will be described. 

The concept design can be used to help you develop the garden yourself, or can be used as the basis of a full garden design project.

Full Garden Design

​A full garden design begins with a site survey and analysis of your garden. I will use the agreed client brief to produce an outline design which will include the details of the garden features and hard landscaping that you require. For complicated features such as ponds, pergolas, walls and steps, I will produce detailed construction specifications. 

Once you have approved the design plans, I can arrange for local, reputable landscapers to provide quotations for the work. This gives you the freedom to choose the landscaper which offers the best solution for your garden, and gives you some control over the expense of the project. I am happy to visit during the hard landscaping phase to clarify any design queries.

The final design stage is the planting plan. For each area of the garden I will produce a detailed plan showing the plants required. I can arrange delivery of the plants direct from the nursery and will supervise the planting. 

Continued maintenance is crucial for a  successfully designed garden. I will provide a maintenance schedule and can recommend local professional gardeners if required.